Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Croatia Online - Update

Readers will have noticed a pause in the hitherto regular daily postings. Unfortunately the author was unavoidably detained by the NHS on a short trip back to England and will no doubt be writing about this experience on her personal blogsite in due course. A comparison of health systems has also been listed as a potentially interesting and useful topic for Thursday's lifestyle column.

Now fighting fit, the author intends to get back to Croatia as quickly as possible, but will, however, be taking a busman's holiday, from Croatia Online, for a couple of weeks, as a result of some exciting new developments over in Croatia. Resisting the urge to offer repeats or highlights, we will be making periodic postings on the latest news, as it happens, during this period, before returning to the normal format.

Busman's Holiday - Time Out!

Time Out, one of the world's most famous and respected publishing brands, is launching in Croatia in a big way in 2006, with a guide book and a magazine - Croatia for Visitors 2006. We will be helping Time Out in a number of areas. Our feature on sailing is geared towards those who would love to sail but have little or no experience, and there's no better place to start than in Croatia. We're also making sure that local businesses in Dalmatia, and international businesses with interests in Dalmatia, have the opportunity to advertise, particularly those involved with nautical tourism - charter companies, marinas, travel agents, etc. Our business contacts in Croatia have been asking us for a while how to get to the right type of UK customers and now we have the answer.


Easyjet have just announced that they will be flying direct to Rijeka in Istria this summer which will open up the whole of the north of Croatia to cheap flights. Flights start on 30th June and will be four times a week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with fares starting at £29.99 for a one way trip. Book online at www.easyjet.com Easyjet are also expected to make an announcement shortly about direct flights to Split.

We'll be catching up on the rest of the news over the next few days but it looks like Croatia is really on the map now!


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