Monday, March 20, 2006

Improvements To Croatia Online

As regular readers will know, Croatia Online is on holiday from its regular format postings for a couple of weeks. These will resume next Monday and we'll be covering the normal wide range of topics. Sibenik will be the subject of Monday's Destinations Column - a very under rated city with a surprisingly appealing centre. Boat Shows will be the focus of Tuesday's Tourism Column with the Split Boat Show coming up at the beginning of April and the Zagreb Boat Show just gone. Wednesday's Business Column will look at the Hotel Industry, Thursday's Lifestyle Column will look at driving in Croatia - bringing your car over, the roads and the rules - and on Friday we'll review the week's news as usual.

In the meantime, readers may be pleased to note that we have made it easier to search for older postings, by subject, and expanded our links section. If you want a full list of topics already covered by Croatia Online, just click on the link "Croatia Online- Postings Index". This will take you to a page of links with subject headings - click on the subject you want to read about and you'll go straight to that page on our site.

If you have any comments on any of the subjects covered, or on Croatia in general, we're always pleased to here from you.


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