Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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It seems that, with the ongoing enthusiasm of foreigners wanting to purchase property in Croatia, the rules are changing rapidly and existing rules are now being enforced more stringently. You may have seen an earlier report on the property market on this site (see below) in which we made a number of recommendations about eg seeking good professional advice. This is truer than ever before - what can appear to be a relatively simple property purchase transaction can trigger attention from a number of different authorities.

I’ve been following the Croatia Property and Home Website,, and Newsletters for well over a year now. Not only do they appear to be THE source of information for anything to do with Property in Croatia, but Martin Westby has managed to solve some problems that have left most local experts dumbfounded. Anything from how to transport furniture from the UK, to getting a licence to let property and most things in between. In a young property market, still lacking established mechanics, the only real way of dealing safely in it is to be prepared, have good professionals acting for you, and to make sure you are thorough in your preparation and legal checks. Martin has recently made available A Guide To Renting in Croatia. It’s available through the website for £9.95, or free to people who advertise their property with the site, and I’d suggest that it’s required reading for anyone who is thinking of purchasing an investment property and letting it out.

Martin has obviously had to work through almost every conceivable scenario over a period of time and it is this sort of experience that can be invaluable to a potential buyer setting out on the acquisition trail. We haven’t spoken to a single person who has had an entirely hassle free purchase so I’d definitely suggest that forewarned is forearmed. The document goes into a lot of detail about the various procedures that are required and hopefully will make the whole process a lot easier than going it alone.

So do your homework thoroughly and then enjoy your property and the delights of Croatia. It will be worth it!


Blogger Peter Ellis said...

As a local estate agent, I would certainly council caution when buying in Croatia. A far higher proportion of properties here would fail a search than in the UK, particularly in the islands. Typical problems are vendors not being the only people on the title document, the others having emigrated years before, or property on offer including bits of land that they have habitually used, but which do not belong to them. It is not unknown, either, for new apartment buildings to have elements that were not in the original building permission. We certainly see properties that we have rejected turning up at some of the rapidly increasing number of local agents. However, if buyers stick to reputable and experienced estate agents, who check their properties before offering them and can produce the relevant paperwork before expecting to see any deposit, the experience should not be a difficult one. Granted, the bureaucracy does drag everything out far longer than would be the case in the UK, but the end result is worth it and we have many satisfied customers.
Apart from the fact that we look for long term future business from referrals, so many of our clients run in to one another at Trieste airport that doing the best we can for people soon gets around.

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