Thursday, April 06, 2006

Breaking News - Croatia's First Tourist Exhibition in London "Postponed"

Croatia Online received notification, on 23rd February, of the Croatia Exclusive Exhibition to be held in Earls Court from the 7th to 9th April. We know of a number of Croatian Companies that were flying over to exhibit and, as we understand it, they were only notified yesterday that the event was not starting tomorrow. The following short notice appears on the website

"Due to unforeseen circumstances the Croatia Exhibition has had to be postponed.
We will inform you shortly about the new dates and apologise for any inconvenience caused by this."

It is obviously very unfortunate for the companies that have invested time and money to exhibit, and also for those that intended to visit the show. However it is really sad for Croatia as a whole, as it sends out completely the wrong signal to the English audience that it hopes to entice, and suggests a level of organisation which does not inspire confidence. We heard, but have not been able to substantiate the fact, that the show was “backed” by The Croatian Tourist Board and other government bodies. We will let you know more when we can establish the facts.

When we first found out about the show, we looked up the publicly available details of the company that was organising it at Companies House. These may be useful to those affected by the postponement and so we have reproduced them below.

Croatia Exclusive Ltd
19 Bolsover Street
London W1W 5NA

Milica Polovina
5 Bishops Court
Great North Road
London N2 ONP

The company was incorporated in September 2004 and has not yet filed accounts.

We trust that the unfortunate circumstances are not of any personally tragic nature but have to wonder about the scale of such circumstances if they can bring an event of this type and significance to its knees.


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