Sunday, July 16, 2006

Croatia Lifestyle - Getting a Haircut!

Photo: Trogir on a rainy day
© Jane Cody

Croatia abounds with “Frizerski Salons” where ladies can get the trendiest of cuts, if that’s what they want, for less than a tenner. That includes shampoo and conditioner, mouse, styling gel, etc. Chaps will probably have to part with no more than a fiver. Our experience is that all established hairdressers are highly skilled and professional and most speak English. Moreover they don’t seem to want to convince you into a style they want to cut, but are happy to let you dictate the shape, the length and anything else that’s important to you. Most Croatian ladies hair stylists have the latest of products and accessories which means that if you feel like a change of colour, or need a perm or a set, that’s no problem too. In general, salons seem to operate on a “walk in” policy with few clients making appointments. If it's busy when you get there, they'll tell you how long you've got for a coffee or shopping before you come back. The quietest time seems to be between about 1 and 4 when the locals are having lunch and a siesta.

There are bound to be some novices around, like anywhere else, so get a recommendation from your landlady or the best coiffed waitress in your local restaurant. If you’re anywhere near Trogir, try Frizerski Salon Stil, telephone 021 884 225, on the Riva, about 50 yards from the bridge end. All the stylists (for men and woman) speak good English and its popular with locals and visitors alike.


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