Thursday, June 14, 2007

Croatia Online - Travel News: Ferry Trogir, Split, Slatine

Inhabitants of Split, Slatine and Trogir will be pleased to know that the local ferry started up on 1st June and will be running, at least, until September. The “Sestrice” will make four return trips a day from Trogir to Split, via Slatine. Holidaymakers in Trogir and Slatine, on Čiovo Island, will find this a great way to visit Split rather than brave the traffic in the height of the tourist season.

Below is the time table for weekdays – apologies for the formatting - tables are not one of blogspot’s strengths:

A) Trogir (Depart) B) Slatine (Arrive/Depart) C) Split (Arrive)

A) 6:00 B) 6:25/6.35 C) 7:05
A) 11.15 B) 11:40/11:50 C) 12:20
A) 14:15 B) 14:40/14:50 C)15:20
A) 18:30 B) 16:55/19:05 C)19:35

A) Split (Depart) B) Slatine (Arrive/Depart) C) Trogir (Arrive)

A) 9:30 B)10:00/10:10 C)10:35
A) 12:45 B) 13:15/13:25 C)13:50
A) 16:00 B) 16:30/16:40 C)17:05
A) 20;00 B) 20:30/20:40 C)21:05

Timetables at the weekends are identical except that the first boat from Trogir departs at 7:30 rather than 6:00, leaves Slatine at 8:05 and arrives at Trogir at 8:35.

One way prices are as follows:

Split - Trogir 20kn (£2)
Split – Slatine 17kn (£1.70)
Slatine – Trogir 13kn (£1.30)

The contact mobile telephone number is 00 385 (0)91 727 1244

It’s a comfortable boat for maybe twenty to thirty people but we’d imagine it could get a little crowded in July and August.
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There was a snippet of travel news on Zagreb last week. Apparently the city council have just invested in 70 new trams at a cost of 800 million kunas and felt they ought to show the general public where the money had gone. All 70 new trams were paraded through Zagreb with the parade ending in the city centre. The trams then dispersed and set off for their regular routes.
Today's photo is of Trogir Riva


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