Sunday, July 15, 2007

Croatia Online - Chilling Out: In Pictures!

Chilling Out For Dogs

Chilling Out Away From The Big City

Chilling Out And Getting On With Life

Chilling Out By Avoiding The Summer Traffic

Chilling Out For Children (when it cools down)

Chilling Out At Sea

Chilling Out For Adults

The temperature on the Dalmatian Coast is edging back towards 40 degrees centigrade again, Blogger has gone Croatian (great for the Croatians but my mastery of the language hasn't got as far as the Croatian equivalent of "edit your template"), it's been mostly a working weekend, for a good reason that will be revealed in a later posting, and so it's time to chill out. An evening walk to our local beach at 7.30 pm suggested that was what everyone else around here was doing, so Rosie, our dog, and I went for a swim to cool down. It was a magnificent sunset so we took a stroll around the village, tried out our new camera, and tumbled on yet another summer festival, this time in our local square. That's the beauty of even the smallest settlement in Croatia - there's always something to celebrate in the summer! You just have to find out when and where. So we listened to some of the local Klapa music, smelt the barbecued fish, and bathed in the atmosphere of a village at one with itself and its tourists. To try and capture the essence of the summer mood, help with the chilling out, and give you a real flavour of the moment, we've made this posting a mostly pictorial one.

Our best advice, after nearly five years here, is to pick a less well known Croatian destination if you really want to get the best from your visit. There's something on everywhere, the Croatian way of life is great, and much more accessible outside the "hotspots", and you'll avoid the Madding Crowds. There are still many places that have not been swept up in the tourism tornado and we want to continue to help you find them.


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