Thursday, January 24, 2008

Croatia Online - Bibich Winery, Skradin near Šibenik

On Friday, our friends from Secret Dalmatia took us to one of their very special discoveries. The Bibich winery is just a short drive from the Skradin turn off on the motorway and it's a real treat.
Here you can sample some very special wines as well as a variety of good table wines, and you'll get just the right home produced appetiser to go with each one. The photo shows the accompaniment to Bibich's Think Pink Rosé - smoked duck and a purée of potato and spinach with a hint of truffle.
For the owners Alen and Vesna Bibić (pronounced Bibich), nothing is too much trouble and no detail to trivial. They'll tell you all about the wines, the best food to serve with them and much more besides. Olive oil, Maraschino (cherry liqueur), Grappa and Orahovac (walnut liqueur) are also on offer along with the 100,000 litres of many different wines produced each year - a good sized yield for an independent producer. What's more you get to enjoy them, either in the cellars or on a lovely terrace in the heart of the countryside.
If you want to know the true secrets of fine Croatian wines, contact Bibich at or find more information on It's too good to miss!
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