Thursday, February 21, 2008

Croatia Online - Zagreb Sports and Boat Show

Regular readers and followers of our Croatia Cruising Companion News will know that we are at the Zagreb Boat Show this week. Unlike the Split Boat Show, there’s plenty here for those of a non nautical bent. In fact there are two shows at the permanent exhibition centre, Velesajem in novi Zagreb, south of the city centre – The Sports and Boat Show and the Fashion and Leisure Show.

The Sports and Boat show not only has the latest boats and nautical accessories, but a large selection of sports and related equipment. One of the innovative products on display is the Gymstick (see photo). A Finnish product, designed by a Nordic walking expert, it is essentially a stick with some elastic joined to foot and arm straps. Simple as it sounds, you can exercise just about every muscle depending on how you use it. The designer exercise stick comes at a designer price – about €70 depending on model. Obviously there’s been a lot of “engineering” going into it as well so you need to look past the simple construction to justify the cost. Go to or for more information.

We’ll be featuring some other stands from both shows in the next few days but go to our sister site, as above, for the more nautical news. If you’re in Zagreb, come and visit us on stand 32, hall 8.


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