Sunday, March 23, 2008

Croatia Online - Šibenik

Yesterday we rediscovered Šibenik with an objective traveller's eye. We visit on various projects at least once a month but, like anywhere you're used to, it's not until you experience it with a visitors' eyes that familiar knowledge allows you to do it justice. Despite the rain it was a most enjoyable and revealing day and it's not that often that a work priority allows the indulgence of trying out a great new restaurant, and wandering aimlessly around discovering all the many new things that Šibenik is offering to discerning visitors. Good news to see a couple of early season tourist groups as well, all suitably impressed!
We're saving the easily flowing and glowing prose, and sharp details, on the latest and best of what Šibenik has to offer, for Time Out's Magazine For Visitors' to Croatia due out in late April.
Suffice to say that a day wandering around the backstreets, peeping into corners and chatting with tourists and locals alike just goes to prove that Croatia's Gems will remain undiscovered for many years to come - there are so many that as soon as one is revealed, tens of others come to light.
Today's photo illustrates the posting. It was far easier to pick an image to do this than capture the essence of Šibenik in one single image!


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