Friday, April 11, 2008

Croatia Online - Dugi Rat Transformation

Yesterday marked the offial opening of Landmark Properties' marketing office in its prime location just west of Split's Riva. Landmark are well on the way in their development of Korenat Point in Dugi Rat, a luxury resort that will transform this area. Dugi Rat is already blessed with clear waters, family friendly beaches, plenty of appartments to let and a good scattering of restaurants, cafes and bars. Soon it will have a thriving community on this 20 hectare site and Landmark envisages creating 400 jobs, using local skills wherever these are available.
Richard Pearce, the development manager, welcomed guests including international and local press, the mayor, and tourist board representatives, and provided a first class event for those interested in the project to find out more.
The master plan envisages a world class resort including an internationally branded hotel, a 300 berth marina designed to be the best in the area, villas, retail and leisure facilities, all in a landscaped setting.
Certainly, if the panache and style of the new office and marketing approach are anything to go by, Dugi Rat is assured of a tasteful and prestige development with ample attention to making the most of Dugi Rat's existing resources and attractions. Korenat Point should breathe new life into an area that has always had plenty of tourism potential but just needed a sympathetic and professional developer to maximise its appeal.
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Blogger Unknown said...

We've spent many summer days on the beach at Duce just next to Dugi Rat. Is this development going to tear down that old factory that is so prominent on the coastline?

1:48 pm  
Blogger Jane Cody said...

Yes Chris. We were told yesterday by the developers that full scale dismantling of the factory started this week and should be complete by the summer, with any deserving items of historical or cultural importance, such as the smelting pots, being used, in some form, in the resort.

2:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good news! I went to Dugi Rat last summer and the locals told me about the new resort. It will be great for them as local jobs and perfect for tourism!Greettings from Portugal

10:39 am  

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