Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Croatia Online - Cost of Living Update

We last reported on the cost of living in Croatia nearly a year ago. The major change since then is the exchange rate. Whereas, last year, we used to use 10 kunas to the pound as a rough guide and get a pleasant surprise, now it's not so pleasant. Today's exchange rate is 9.16 which is slightly better than it has been but still no where near the 10.5 we had got used to over quite a long period.
Apart from that, so far, hotel prices seem to have remained fairly static and just a few restaurants, so far, have put up their prices. We can still buy a 30 cl beer at our local cafe for 9 kunas but one of our favourite good value restaurants in Trogir has put their beers up to 15 kunas. Other than that, food and drink prices in the supermarket still remain relatively static, a packet of cigarettes is still about 15 kunas and we eat out for about 250 kunas a head - main course, bottle of wine and coffee. Petrol of course has gone up as elsewhere though it's still quite a bit cheaper than in the UK.
Apart from that, most of what we wrote last year still stands - link to http://croatiaonline.blogspot.com/2007/07/our-earlier-posting-on-cost-of-living.html for a full report.


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