Monday, March 23, 2009

Croatia Online - Best Souvenirs of Croatia

As we think about getting ready for a month or so in the UK, it seems timely to consider what represents Croatia best in terms of quality gifts for English friends and relatives.
Unfortunately most of what is best about Croatia can't be packaged, bottled and taken away. The flavours, tastes sounds and smells can but are not always so easy to transport. Good on Croatia for not going too far down the route of tacky souvenirs and for staying true to its soul.
So what can you practically take back to England for an original and thoughtful present, representing the essence of your best experiences of Croatia? Here's our top five:
1. A small, well packaged, bottle of the best extra virgin olive oil and details of its history and origins. The gift recipients won't want to taste another olive oil. There are many organic producers with an eye for quality but only a few with websites so we're citing our most recent discovery - Olynthia.
2. A bottle of good Croatian wine - splash out a little in relative Croatian terms and your french friends may be surprised.
3. A jar of fig jam - we haven't discovered any small local entrepreneur producers yet so SMS is still our favourite.
4. A CD of Croatia's folk music - Klapa. Take some advice to get the best.
5. Honey - check the lables for the brands of exceptional taste and quality
A little more flippantly we'd suggest a copy of the Croatia Cruising Companion and a ticket to Croatia.


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