Thursday, March 05, 2009

Croatia Online - The Old Fashioned Joys Of Blogging

We started this blog on the 21st January 2006, for no other reason than to have a bit of fun and share our enjoyment of Croatia. At that time there wasn't too much relevant information on Croatia in the public domain and part of the joy of exploring "undiscovered Croatia" was getting feedback from people who enjoyed the blog for what it was worth.

It would be disingenuous of Croatia Online to say that it didn't take a certain amount of pride from the growth in hits and contacts derived from the blog. It's also flattering that a number of other, and subsequently much greater bloggers on Croatia, kindly claim to have taken a little bit of inspiration from Croatia Online. That's past history and good luck to them all.

Blogging and Croatia are both victims of their success. A blog is now seen as an essential part of many commercial websites and some blogs just seem to be a relatively skilful mix of keywords vying for that ever valuable google rating. Others just seem to provide daily regurgitations of news from other sites. Croatia however has mixed blessings from the fact that you can now uncover information on most things - yes it's more accessible but its less the undiscovered "Mediterranean as it once was".

Today's photo is courtesy of Val Tours, an early pioneer in service and information, and the leader on birdwatching in Croatia.


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