Monday, March 16, 2009

Croatia Online - Omiš: Photogenic Croatia Explored

Omiš didn't even get a mention in yesterday's posting on Croatia's ability to provide a picture postcard shot on almost all occasions and in all locations. It's not really on the new breed of tourist's radar yet and that just about sums up how undiscovered Croatia still is.
Omiš is the champion of Croatia's traditional Klapa folk music; has the spectacular gorge of the Cetina River running behind it; boasts a history of courageous pirates battling on, in Robin Hood style, with great ingenuity and resourcefulness, in the face of adversity; and has plenty of historic hilltop fortifications, a great boutique hotel, Villa Dvor, good beaches and some of the best opportunities for river rafting.
The high street may be a little reminiscent of the tourism of yesteryear but you don't have to look to hard to find the real Omiš, and the combination of the two could make for that perfect great value Mediterranean break.


Anonymous FluxTravel said...

Beautiful small town - a new great destination on the Adriatic coast that I just discovered!
Will visit next year for sure!

10:28 am  

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