Sunday, March 15, 2009

Croatia Online - Šibenik in Spring

A marvellous spring day has energised us into not one but three postings on Croatia Online and our sister site Croatia Cruising Companion. In fact its impossible not to find new things to write about here, especially in Dalmatia, and a day like today just invites exploration and photo taking; and demands that we share Croatia's highlights with readers.
This blog, and our sailing book, the Croatia Cruising Companion, is peppered with references to Croatia's photogenic coastal and island cities, towns and villages. That's before we even start to think about inland Croatia.
Šibenik has to be one of the most photogenic mainland coastal cities amongst very worthy competition including Zadar, Split and Trogir. When you start thinking about villages and islands, where do you stop?! Vrsar and Sucuraj on Hvar Island, Primosten, near Šibenik, Korčula, Vis?
Inland, Varazdin, and a number of spots in Inland Istria are hard to beat.
That's enough....! What started as a celebration of a spring day, has turned into a trawl through our thousands of photos and hundreds of blog postings to try to illustrate and reference readers to Croatia's bounty. A timely reminder that there are still hundreds of places that we've been to but haven't blogged yet.
Whilst you're waiting for Croatia Online to get it's act together, at least you'll find a comprehensive report, including photos charts and detailed information, for all Dalmatia's cities, towns, villages and bays that can be reached from the Adriatic, in our Croatia Cruising Companion. This last link is to the book on Amazon's site with apologies to readers for trying to make it easier for them to buy! All other links are to postings on our blogs.
Today's photo is, of course, of Šibenik.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I somehow stumbled upon your site while googling whether I could bring my cat to live with me in Croatia! I have spent a very enjoyable afternoon reading your blog. Very nice!
About your cruising companion, does it offer any info for motor yachts and any info on liveaboards in Croatia?
Thanks, Kelli

8:31 pm  
Blogger Jane Cody said...

Hi Kelli

Sorry for the delay and many thanks for the comment. To answer your Croatia Cruising Companion questions, the brief answer is that it's for all nautical visitors - where we've spotted good places for motor yachts we've said so, and in Croatia you can liveaboard almost anywhere you like but there are no specifically designed permanent liveaboard places as far as I know.

11:58 pm  

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