Friday, March 06, 2009

Croatia Online - Unparalleled Diversity In Croatia

A short but hectic two weeks of travelling around Croatia has provided yet another opportunity to reflect on its diversity and appeal. Our last two weeks has encompassed the Zagreb Boat Show, a flying visit to London, and the Sajam Gast in Split - an exhibition devoted to Croatia's gastronomy.
The Zagreb boat show is a very well organised tribute to the importance of Croatia's nautical tourism - history, growth and prominence. Not only does Croatia have one of the best cruising grounds in the world, but also a very successful boat building industry.
The flying vist to London served as a brief reminder that whatever problems Croatia has, they are very small in comparison to elsewhere.
Split's "Sajam Gast" shows that Croatia is still very focused on its tourism industry and has a very strong interest in making quality count. A visit to the Osijek tourist board's stand is also a prime illustator of Croatia's diversity. Osijek lies close to the border with Hungary, and is continental rather than Mediterranean. It has a huge amount to offer and may suffer somewhat from Croatia's "branding" as the Mediterranean that once was.
Croatia really does have it all - the sooner it realises it, the quicker it breaks away from its comfort zone, and away from familiar ties and "politics", the easier it will be for everyone to do good business and succeed.
For the latest news on the diversity of Croatia "from the sea" please go to our sister site Croatia Cruising Companion


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