Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Croatia Online - Driving To The UK

We've reported on the drive back to the UK a few times before - see Croatia By Car, August 2008 and Left Hand Drive Cars, December 2008. As long as you're not rushing and get in the right mind set it can be quite enjoyable - the time to clear your head and admire the scenery whilst changing cultures. It's a relatively easy trip from Split to London in 2 days and our benchmark is if we manage to get somewhere near Frankfurt on the evening of day one, a 4 pm ferry from Calais is easily achievable. We left at 5.30 am on day one, arrived 40 km short of Frankfurt by 7 pm and still found time for regular two hourly breaks. We left at 9 am the next morning and were back in London by 7 pm, building in the same regular stops. Total distance travelled 1850 kilometres; costs - petrol plus tolls plus vignettes (including the Slovenian rip off as per previous posting!) plus one night's hotel accommodation and ferry trip.

Changes since the last time - looks like the motorway through Slovenia is taking shape and may hopefully be open by the summer, if not before. Similarly the two currently single lane long tunnels on the Croatian motorway - Mala Kapela and Sveti Rok - have a fighting chance of being dual carriageways fairly soon from the look of them.


Blogger Tali said...

I always drive to and from Croatia (luggage issues).. but I need to make a sleeping stop over in Munich and in Saarbrucken.

Anything to avoid flying!!

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