Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Croatia Online – Croatia Takes Tourism To The Travellers

Solt view of Vis

Anyone who doubted that Croatia takes its tourism industry very seriously indeed, need only look at the tourist board's new website. Mindful of the effects of the world recession and the continuing impact that could have on this year's tourist figures, the Croatian National Tourist Board is inviting help from existing aficionados. This is direct online marketing taken to a higher and quite ingenious level.

Why not win a holiday by inviting all your friends onto a website where they can complete a fun personality test and get some holiday suggestions tailor made for their preferences? And how do they get invited? You fill in the personality test and send them a postcard of some of your ideal places. Those that get the most number of email contacts onto the site can win a holiday. Those that don't quite make the holiday can, at least, take comfort in the fact that they have introduced a few more travellers to the delights of Croatia and helped sustain this year's tourism. It's clever stuff - a high quality mailing list of potential holiday makers automatically directed to the site where they can buy! And it all seems very well protected in terms of data collection and use.

Nonetheless, we're very protective towards our friends and contacts so won't be taking part in the competition, although we did do the personality test! Instead, we thought we'd do our bit for Croatia's tourism by spreading the word on Croatia Online. So head off to Welcome To Croatia for a number of ways in which you can discover more about Croatia and help others to do so too, including perhaps, a video on You Tube?

The Croatian Tourist Board Website will help you find a place in Croatia that suits you but if you are looking for some holidays and activities with a difference why not look at some of our earlier postings:

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This post has been 48 hours in the writing due to some interesting blogging discoveries which we will be reporting on soon!


Today’s posting shows the path to the island of Vis from Šolta Island.


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