Saturday, June 06, 2009

Croatia Online - Time Out On Birds

Time Out's new Visitors' Guide To Croatia has now been out for a month and is featured regularly in the UK press. We were again delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the magazine in a number of areas and have now had the time to have a good read. Setting aside any personal involvement, it's difficult to think of any publication that provides such up to date insight into what makes Croatia tick, and such comprehensive travel and visitors information.

We've already reported on the nautical feature on sister site Croatia Cruising Companion but we're particularly pleased that Time Out chose to publish the full text of a bird watching feature we wrote for them. Like so many aspects of Croatia, it's completely undiscovered for bird watching yet has one of the most diverse landscapes in Eastern Europe and several species of tempting birds. That and the beautiful unspoilt scenery means it's a potential twitchers paradise without the crowds. Even for beginners like us, the birdwatching theme provides an ideal excuse to explore Croatia's natural splendour at its best.


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