Sunday, June 07, 2009

Croatia Online - Top 20 Island Gems, Guardian

Croatia is so full of island gems that the only surprise in today's article in the Guardian is that it only features two in its top 20 - Lopud, near Dubrovnik, and Sv Klement, near Hvar, both very deserving but it must have been a hard selection. Certainly Šolta is a very strong contender with its fabulous castle, Martinis Marchi, now tastefully refurbished into a luxury hotel. See Croatia Online - Solta for the start of a series of postings on this, so far, almost completely undiscovered island just a 40 minute ferry ride from Split.
In fact, with over 1,000 islands, islets and rocks to choose from, picking a top 20 just for Croatia is a challenge, let alone deciding which ones to incorporate in a more global context. Back in 2007, US magazine Travel and Leisure got round the selection problem by including the whole of the Dalmatian Islands at number seven in their World's Top Ten Island Destinations and you can read more about that by linking to Croatia Online - Dalmatian Islands In World Top Ten.
Of course the best way to discover Dalmatia's island gems is to sail around the Adriatic and what better resource than the Croatia Cruising Companion to help you find them. As far as we are aware it's the only book that covers every island in Dalmatia, onshore as well as at sea, so apart from being an indispensable navigational aid, it's a mine of information for those that want to island hop by ferry as well. And at just £17.49 from Amazon, for a full colour hardback, it's pretty good value too.
For the full story from The Guardian follow this link.
For a taster of some of the other island gems check out the following postings:
Today's photo is across the courtyard and swimming pool of hotel Martinis Marchi on Šolta. The tower in the centre of the picture contains just one luxury guest suite stretching over five floors!


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