Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Biograd – Hotel “IN” The Fastest Hotel Construction In Croatia?

Croatia Online - Hotel In Biograd

Perhaps not a stunner from the outside, Hotel IN has been very nicely done out on the inside. It also has a great view over Biograd’s marina and surrounds which can best be admired from the sun terrace which sports a jacuzzi, a bar and a 360 degree panoramic view.

What really sets the hotel apart in our minds, is the speed at which it has gone from construction site to fully functioning 4 star hotel. We passed a half built concrete block when we visited the Biograd Boat Show last October and the Hotel was up and running by July this year. That’s surely something of a record as the fastest hotel construction in Croatia, given the delays that most projects of this kind experience due to bureaucracy and problems with permissions and licences.

We had a full tour of the hotel, which is already well booked and seems very professionally run. The Croatian interior designer has taken inspiration from the surrounds and a yacht theme runs through the decor and design – teak and blue all very tastefully mingled and occasionally interrupted by vividly coloured jigsaw patterned chairs. Our only criticism is the name which doesn’t work very well when googling in English or reading about the hotel - “New Hotel IN”…. demands the question “in where” or worse “New Hotel IN in Biograd” looks like a typo. So we’ve made sure to use the name in capitals as perhaps the owners decided upon for this very reason, once they translated their literature into English, and we’ve reproduced full contact details below.

Hotel IN

Setaliste Kneza Branimira 32, Biograd na Moru 23210, Croatia

Tel 023 385 700

Fax 023 385 710

Email info@hotelin-biograd.com

Web http://www.hotelin-biograd.com/

Thanks to Hotel IN for today’s photographs which should give you a good idea of the style.



Our next posting on Croatia Online will be an update on Biograd’s lovely City Museum and some very special treasures.  On our Croatia Cruising Companion blog we’ll be reporting on the upcoming Biograd Boat Show.


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