Sunday, September 06, 2009

Breaking News On Croatia

Readers may be reassured to know that they won't have to wait much longer to find out the hottest breaking news on Croatia.

We've been whizzing around the Dalmatian Coast and islands for the past couple of weeks and there's plenty to report. New hotels, restaurants and bars all over the place, plenty to be optimistic about in terms of tourist numbers, and a country that seems to be buzzing even though the high season is now officially over.

The weather has been great, apart from a fierce thunderstorm yesterday which produced hail the size of golfballs over our heads on Brać island. The cause of the storm was a battle between the Jugo (south east wind) and the Bora (north east wind). Fortunately the Bora won and the temperature is a little cooler today and the air certainly much fresher.

We'll be back at our desks next Friday, with a mountain of information and hundreds of photos to digest and distil to you in the coming weeks. Highlights include Škrip, Dol and Bol on Brać; Sućuraj, Jelsa and Stari Grad on Hvar; a rising star on the mainland - Drvenik; a new Gallery in Split; and much much more.


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