Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year

Croatia Online Sibenik Snow

Just another week or so until we get back into full stride after a hectic end to 2009. In the meantime we’d like to wish all our friends and readers a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2010.

Readers might be surprised to learn that today’s photo was taken in Šibenik on the Croatian Dalmatian Coast in February 2009. It’s not often that snow falls, let alone settles, on the coast.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should have been in Šibenik this December! It never snowed like this winter and January has just begun...

6:39 pm  
Anonymous Kristi said...

Wow! We are so happy you're back! We depend on you and Alan (Secret Dalmatia) for our Croatia connection until we can return to Prvic Luka in June! (it's been 3 years)

3:46 pm  
Blogger Jane Cody said...

Nice to be missed Kristi and thanks for the comment. It's a good job Alan has been keeping up the content!I've spent some very happy time in Prvic Luka but haven't been back for about 3 years too. I'll be interested to see if it's changed at all.

4:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Kristi - Thx! Wonderful portfolio!

I should get to Prvić this Spring...

5:26 pm  

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