Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Croatia Online Update

Croatia Online - Greeting To The Sun

A huge thanks to readers for their patience and fidelity pending our return to normal business. Our page hits have been averaging 80 to 100 per day, despite the lack of recent content which we are determined to put right very quickly. Our total page count since we started has sailed over 90,000 so the next milestone is that magic 100,000th hit.

Our book, The Croatia Cruising Companion has been holding its own pretty well too despite a similar lack of recent attention from us. On Amazon UK it’s currently number 3 for all books on Croatia and 35 for all books on sailing globally, though it can be occasionally caught at number 1 and in the top 5 respectively.

Since our last posting, we’ve written a book on Montenegro and Croatia for Boat International, made a winter tour around Croatia from Dubrovnik in the south, to Zadar in the north, and submitted pages and pages of reviews and editorial for Time Out Croatia’s 2010 Visitors’ Guide To Croatia, published a few weeks ago.  We’ve not been idle in the UK either but that’s a story for another time. The important think is that we’ve a mountain of news to catch up on and plenty to report.

As for today’s photo, what better way to get over the recent lull than with a picture of Nikola Bašić’s Greeting To The Sun in Zadar. We finally had some time in Zadar at the right time – just before and during sunset – to see it in it’s full glory to the backing music of the Sea Organ by the same designer/architect. Words and photos really don’t do it justice and you have to see and hear them both for yourself. It’s not just the ingenuity of it all, and the lighting and sound effects, it’s the whole ambience of the area – ferries leaving the spanking new terminal by it but, most of all, kids with their ears to the ground listening to the Sea Organ, or running around chasing the light patterns of the Greeting To The Sun. Once you’ve had enough of all that Zadar’s nightlife has plenty of new things to offer including a parachuting cocktail bar owner who mixes his favourite cocktail on the way down. And that’s our next story!

Thanks for sticking with us and we hope you won’t be disappointed.


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