Saturday, August 21, 2010

Olive Oil v Grapeseed Oil

Croatia Online - Olive Oil

Friends and regular readers will know that we are just as fervent about Croatia’s olive oil as the country as a whole. We learnt  more about true “organic” produce in Croatia, in just a few years, than in a lifetime in the UK.

However, as many know, the word “organic” is being reinvented in a western Europe that has lost most of the natural tricks that many of our Croatian contemporaries take for granted.

In our travels around Suffolk we stumbled upon Shawsgate vineyard and winery and the discovery process there made us wistful for a few weeks in Croatia - coming soon we hope!

You can read about that on sister site Suffolk Online but the thing that surprised us most was to hear that grapeseed oil may be even better for health than olive oil. Is this something that Croatian’s have discovered and are keeping to themselves or do they prefer to use the seeds for rakija (or more accurately lozovača – grappa, the grape form of the fruit brandies generically known as rakija), or is it a fallacy?

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And let’s hope our Croatian pals can answer the question and let us into this secret. Alan of Secret Dalmatia, this sounds like one for you!


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