Tuesday, August 03, 2010

World Music Through All Ages

Croatia Online - Klapa Libar

Klapa Music is a big part of Croatian culture and we’ve written many a time about it. In it’s pure form, unaccompanied male voices singing in harmony, it’s about the essence of Croatian life – the sea, love, heartland and much more. It’s hard to go anywhere without stumbling upon an impromptu performance, and for the best that Croatia has to offer there’s the Omiš Klapa Festival (see recent posting on Omiš)

We were fortunate enough to stumble on Klapa Libar at an early stage – an innovative group that have taken the genre into the 21st century. A few drinks too many one night, when some of the band members were a little bored with singing the same old songs at another traditional celebration, they decided to liven it up a little by setting the folk to rock. The rest is history and Klapa Libar combines tradition, style and, harmony in a seamless way to deliver moving musical performances that translate into all languages.

We were stirred to revisit Klapa Libar after a similar experience in England, where we found two young people bringing traditional and classical music back to life. thus preserving and enhancing it. Read about them on Suffolk Online. Find out more about Klapa Libar on their Facebook Site


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