Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Berlitz Croatia Pocket Guide

Croatia Online - Berlitz Croatia Pocket Guide


Plenty of explanations but no excuses for the long silence on Croatia Online. However we are up and running again but spreading our time between Croatia and Suffolk!

Today’s hot news was the arrival in the post of the new edition of the Berlitz Croatia Pocket Guide, updated by Croatia Online’s editor, Jane Cody. It’s the third edition of the Guide and all credit to Berlitz for being so painstaking in keeping it up to date – not so easy for a country moving as fast as Croatia!

Jane reports “Berlitz was an absolute pleasure to work with and it was a new discipline updating a guide, rather than starting from scratch as John and I did with the Croatia Cruising Companion. Where the Cruising Companion is very detailed and clearly geared to nautical visitors to Croatia, the Berlitz guide is an ideal place to start when planning a trip to the country. It’ll give you a real feel for the culture, history and best places to go and has some great tips and recommendations. It’s an absolute snip at £5.99.”


Blogger Croatia said...

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6:28 pm  
Blogger Croatia said...


you're not moving back to Suffolk are you I just found your site it's brilliant!

6:29 pm  
Blogger Jane Cody said...

Thank you for that! Suffolk's taking up most of my time this year. However I'll be spending a lot more time in Croatia next year and I'm still in close contact with friends out there so hope to keep the blog rolling.

10:19 am  
Anonymous Plitvice Lakes said...

I have been to Croatia twice and love this country. There is so many and nice places to see :). I am looking forward to visiting it again :)

4:14 pm  

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