Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cruising In Croatia

Croatia Online Trogir Riva

The best way of travelling around Croatia is by sea. No hanging around in traffic jams in the heat, no ugly suburbs to drive through, all of the islands and the best parts of the mainland at your disposal, and the frequent possibility of a cooling dip. Of course sailing yourself around  gives you the maximum flexibility, especially if you have a copy of the Croatia Cruising Companion to hand, but there are other ways. You could charter a yacht with a skipper or you could go on a cruise.

Today’s Telegraph suggests some luxury cruises majoring on Croatia – Telegraph Top 5 Cruises In Croatia – but for those on a very limited budget, it’s quite fun (and very cheap) making the local ferry service work  for you – check out this link for all the lines available in the summer  - Jadrolinija Sailing Schedule Summer 

In between these two budget extremes there are a number of other options including flying there under your own steam and taking a local and smaller cruise boat. Or perhaps get together with a group of friends and hire your own superyacht!

Here’s one yacht we’ve seen regularly in and out of Trogir - Princess Diana. And follow this link for a report we did on another classy yacht available for hire Croatia Cruising Companion - Cruising In Classic Style


Today’s photo is of Trogir’s Riva (sea front)  jam-packed with local cruise boats on changeover day in the summer.


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