Monday, August 17, 2015

Croatia & Its Neighbours

Ivo Sanader

Though we try and stay in touch with the political evolution of a still young Croatian nation, we don’t feature politics much in this blog. However, there was an excellent article in the Irish Times on Friday looking at various recent commemorative events against the complex history of the region and relations between neighbours. Some of the implications are a little worrying but far better, we think, to air them in the hope of positive discussion, rather than sweep them under the carpet and let them fester.

Croatia not only sits in the middle of a region full of different religions, ethnicities and culture, but also between the two major world political philosophies and cultures of east and west. No wonder a prize like Croatia has been fought over so often by so many different nations and, with increasing world tension  as a result of Russian intervention in Ukraine, amongst other things, lets hope  western influence on the region remains strong and well received. Here’s a link to the full Irish Times article - Croatia and Serbia In Grip of New Balkan Struggle

Today’s photo is of Ivo Sanader, the disgraced Prime Minister, referred to in  the article. Readers may be interested to read about the circumstances surrounding his resignation which, at the time, came as a surprise to (almost?!)  everyone.  Croatia Online - Ivo Sanader Resigns


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