Friday, February 05, 2016

Travel Croatia By Seaplane


In November 2014, our intrepid roving reporters, Diane and Roger, reported on their first seaplane trip. They travelled from Split to Hvar island on one of the first European Coastal Airlines (ECA) sea plane flights. In fact the Split terminal at Resnik they travelled from is just a short walk from where we used to live in Kaštel Štafilić. This terminal is placed to be near Split’s international airport but now it seems there’s also a terminal in Split city centre so you can arive right into the heart of this amazing Dalmatian City, with its eclectic history and culture, as well as easy links to Croatia’s popular islands of Brač, Hvar and Vis.

Read about Diane and Roger’s trip on Croatia Online - Come Fly (To The Islands) With Me!

News hot off the press is that ECA flights now link Split and Dubrovnik which is another huge breakthrough for locals and visitors alike. Previously the choice was a long car or coach ride, or scheduled flights between the two international airports. As far as I’m aware modern  trains and the motorway still don’t go all the way to Dubrovnik yet but that something else on the list of things to catch up on!

Even if you don’t particularly want to go to either destination (are you mad?!) the flight is worth it for the view of the coastline and islands alone and you can read the full story on Total Croatia News


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I'm sorry to say that, according to Croatia Week, ECA have now suspended all flights in Croatia, cancelled any further investment and are having to make most of their staff in Croatia redundant. This is the culmination of a sorry tale that seems to revolve around allegedly disgruntled staff making serious claims about maintenance and safety aspects of the operation. Read the background and latest press release here:

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