Monday, April 30, 2018

Red Arrows Fly Past Croatia

Croatia Online - Fire Plane

Croatia looks spectacular from most angles but it’s only from the air that you can truly appreciate the scale and variety of landscapes. Recently the Red Arrows captured just a little snapshot of Croatia on their way to Zadar, for an overnight stop and to meet their Croatian counterparts, Krila Oluje, before heading off to take part in Exercise Springhawk in Greece.

The following link will take you to the video.

Red Arrows Approaching Zadar

For those who don’t know Croatia well, the landscape around Zadar, as pictured in the video, is not that typical of the Croatia coastline as a whole. Here the mountains take a step back whereas normally they are very close to the coast. Unfortunately the video stops just before you can see the Old Town peninsula so here is a aerial photo of that:

Croatia Online - Zadar Aerial

The main picture at the top shows a fire plane about to land in Kaštela Bay, near Split. I picked this, partly because I do not have a photo of the Red Arrows, but mainly because fire plane pilots also need a considerable number of additional flying skills though for different reasons – flying between the mountains, landing at sea to pick up tankful after tankful of water and accurately dropping their load wherever a fire happens to have broken out. Like the Red Arrow Pilots, fire plane pilots are drawn from the military.


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