Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Lošinj – A Very Special Croatian Island: Getting There Part 2

Landing At Zadar © Jane Cody

Since I’ve now actually been to Lošinj, Croatia, and put my original “getting there” instructions through their paces, I thought I should do an update, though I’m pleased to say they stood up pretty well to the test.

I drove from Zadar along the coast road, although the motorway would, of course, have been much quicker, because I wanted to look at a couple of new marinas in Senj. These were just breaking ground when I made my epic camping trip two years ago – see Croatia Camping Guide – but are now both open for business. That’s a pretty good achievement and I’ll be reporting on them both, soon, on sister site Croatia Cruising Companion

The Flybe flight from Southend Airport was great, arriving more or less on time at Zadar Airport. Unfortunately picking up the hire car was a slow process, more on which at another time, but I eventually left the airport at 12 30 pm. The two marina stops took about half an hour each and I guess I made another hour’s worth of stops for petrol, a few photos, etc. Following the signs for Rijeka, and then Krk island and Rijeka airport, I was on the Krk/Cres ferry at 6 15pm and at my final destination of Ćunski at about 8 30 after a few more stops for various photo opportunities. A long day, having left home at about 3 30 am, but a very scenic and interesting one.

Going back I decided to take the “slow ferry” from Mali Lošinj to Zadar, the afternoon before my flight. We left Mali Lošinj at 4 pm and arrived in Zadar about 10 stopping at a number of islands on the way to pick up and disembark passengers. It cost 250 Kn for a small car (less than 5 metres) and 59 Kn for one person, and I needed to stay the night near Zadar (lovely apartment in Bibinj – 300 Kn) but I would thoroughly recommend it as an alternative to the long drive. Bear in mind though that although there is a bar, there’s no restaurant on board, so take a picnic! You are also advised to get there half an hour early.

And just a little to add for independent travellers without their own means of transport:

There is a bus from Zagreb to Veli Lošinj  Bus Zagreb to Veli Lošinj which takes about 7 hours all in and costs 210 Kn. Generally these inter city coaches are pretty luxurious with all mod cons but you’ll normally get plenty of well timed comfort breaks. The bus stops at many places along the way including Ćunski and Mali Lošinj.

If you do go direct to either of these two locations you will find you have all the essentials you need though they are very different in size. Ćunski has a shop, restaurant, post office and beach; Mali Lošinj has restaurants, bars and cafés galore, shops, ice cream parlours, etc. There’s a great walk from Mali Lošinj to Veli Lošinj and of course, if you can get a lift into Mali Lošinj, you’ll be able to hire most forms of transport and get a wide variety of excursions and trips.

You’ll find out soon what a great time I had in Ćunski  with The Croatian Language School but at least now you know the “how to get there” instructions are pretty sound!

Today’s picture (through a slightly dirty plane window I’m afraid) shows the islands as you come into Zadar. I sat on the right and I think that gives you the best view of the coastline and islands though, of course, it depends on the exact route and flight plan. For some reason the right hand side also seems to work pretty well going home too – not just for Croatia either but for a great view of the Thames estuary flying back into Southend Airport

And while we are on the subject of having a great time, I see that the  Croatian Language School staff and students are having a pretty good time on their annual language and culture course on the equally lovely Elaphite islands.


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