Saturday, January 21, 2006

Croatia Online

What's it really like living in a transitional country? Does Croatia live up to the hype and what's under the surface? Over four years of living and working in Croatia, and travelling around, by car and boat, gives the sort of unique insight you won't get from the travel or business media. Watch this space for a real taste of Croatia, regular news updates, the business culture, how to get the best out of it, what to avoid and what the practicalities are. Plus all the latest news on travel and tourism and the secrets of the undiscovered destinations.


Blogger Unknown said...

I am so impressed with your blog and have found it very inpsiring as I would like to move to Croatia (at least for part of the year). I'm a Croatian-American living in NYC and right now thinking about business ideas, likely revolving around the tourist industry, but open to other ideas. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

9:38 pm  
Blogger Jane Cody said...

Many thanks for your comment Katherine. It's time we did a "business" posting so I'll get some thoughts up in the next couple of days.

7:59 am  
Blogger Ian said...


You may remember I posted about six weeks ago, complementing you on the Croatia Cruising Companion. You asked me to keep in touch.

Maggie & I leave for the South of France tomorrow, meeting our friends at Nice before heading for Port Grimaud and the boat. We leave on Wednesday for Croatia via Corsica, Ischia, Straits of Messina, arriving Croatia at the beginning of June, weather permitting.

Thereafter we will be able to put the CCC to the test. I am sure it will give us a head start in new waters, enabling us to plan cruises around what we like and miss out what we don't.

One of the most difficult issues on passage planning is the entry point in to Croatian waters enabling us to head for Vis town from Brindisi, rather that using Lastovo which takes us too far East.

Good luck with the book, I'm sure its selling well.

Ian Shaw

7:12 am  
Blogger Jane Cody said...

Thanks again for the comment Ian and have a great trip. There are seasonal ports of entry in Vis town and Komiža on Vis island which should be open for your arrival. If you follow this link - - you'll find contact details if you want to check in advance with them. Hope to catch up with you in Croatia.

8:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just been to croatia, it is a nice place with nice beaches but when you go to the shops you are always out changed, they say 1 or 2 lipa is worthless but if you add up the amount of lipa they dont give back, they are making thousands out of tourists. Has anyone noticed this?

9:58 am  
Blogger Jane Cody said...

Can't say I'd noticed much pricing in lipa before but it's a good point!

10:45 am  

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