Saturday, August 05, 2006

Been There? Hot Tips for Visitors to Croatia

Photo: You wouldn't know unless you'd been there!
© Jane Cody

Guardian Unlimited travel pages are probably amongst the most well informed and widely read of all those in its genre. Search on Croatia and you will find articles, essential information and useful websites. Even better, the “Been There?” section of the site, has recently launched a separate site for readers tips on Croatia’s Coastline. The site is well organised and has plenty of help on how to get the best out of it. As it builds up, you should be able to search on any destination or subject to get those invaluable word of mouth tips that have you heading off to that special restaurant, bar or bay.Croatia’s Online’s Jane Cody has added a few tips herself and has this to say about the news: “I’ll be keeping a very close eye on this site as it’s a forum for the sort of information that can turn a good trip to Croatia to a special one. We’ve lived in Croatia for over three years, and have explored pretty well everywhere on the Dalmatian Coast and islands, but there’s still plenty to discover with new bars and restaurants appearing from nowhere. Croatia is changing so fast that the facility to check out the latest information and tips, straight from the horses mouth, from someone who’s just been there, is invaluable. It’s the kind of site that will give you a real feel for specific destinations, in advance, so you can make the most of your time while you’re there.”

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We’ll continue to submit specific tips as we find new places of note and, of course, Croatia Online will continue to provide plenty of up to date news, views and information on this site, to keep readers in touch with what’s really going on in Croatia – destinations, lifestyle, culture, business, travel, sport and politics. Link to Croatia Online - Index to Postings for a full list of subjects, with direct links to them, or scroll down this page and browse through.


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