Thursday, October 12, 2006

Croatia Online - Tourism Statistics, Split Airport

Rather naively, we were wondering in an earlier posting, just how long Split Airport would be able to cope with the ever increasing levels of traffic. It’s a small airport with limited room for expansion and a car park and departure lounge that sometimes show the strain in the peak season. However, looking at the statistics available on the airport’s website its current popularity is probably just a reminder of times past. Below are a few interesting facts:

There were 7249 air movements in the nine months to 30th September 2006 compared with 7976 for the whole of the previous year. However the corresponding number of passengers carried was 960,156 compared with 934,049. Either the planes are getting larger or they are much better filled – an average of 132.45 passengers per plane in 2006 versus 117 for 2005.

Aircraft movements as far back as 1979 were 7365, bringing in 928,889 passengers, almost up to the 2005 levels. Movements and passengers remained at around this level until 1991 when they plummeted as a result of the political crisis. However in 1987 and 1988, the number of passengers surpassed the million mark, well above the 2005 levels.

There’s not much change is the concentrated seasonality of flights and passengers, with a huge amount of activity taking place in July and August and relatively little in the winter months. Some memories may have faded but Split Airport and the Split region is obviously used to the current volume of tourists and may have more capacity than we thought. It would be great to hear from someone who recalls what the Croatian Coast of Yugoslavia was like in 1979 though I have plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests it’s not much different now!

For statistical buffs amongst you and some easier to digest graphs, go to the airport website and see for yourself.

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