Saturday, April 14, 2007

Croatia Online - Croatia Boat Show Opening

I know that a number of readers may be switching off with the overload of boat show coverage. However, this year at the Croatia Boat Show in Split there is truly something for all! You too can but your own floating barbecue for something in the region of £10,000. Have a look at if this is your idea of how to have fun in the Adriatic.
There's also a stand that looks like something out of Moulin Rouge, a German importer of "French" and other "cosmopolitan" wines - not quite Piat d'Or but not quite Chateau ... either!
The first day at the show was very encouraging - so far the organisation for us exhibitors has been pretty well spot on. Given that it's our third time around, we were a little blase about the opening ceremony. It always starts a little late and it was baking hot on the top deck of the ferry sun deck where Dr Ivo Sanader was supposed to appear at noon, so we observed from a distance.
Elsewhere... the stands are just a little more professional than they were last year, the size, number and class of boats is just that little bit better and, already on a weekend, the punters seemed to be greater in numbers and more discerning in style. The weather helps and let's hope that the balmy cloud free days continue until next Sunday.
On a non boat show note have a look at one of our earlier postings where we have had a recent comment from a founder of the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy on our posting relating to the Croatian Business Environment.


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