Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Croatia Online - The Heatwave Continues

It ain't half hot, but neighbouring Serbia has it worse at 44 degrees centigrade, and you're never far from the sea in Croatia. There's not much of a breeze and temperatures are set to climb back up as the week progresses. Sadly, the continuing heatwave has led to a number of fires breaking out. Primošten and Šolta Island, not far from Split, were badly affected yesterday with many residents of Šolta being evacuated. Needless to say, if you're visiting Croatia, be very careful not to contribute to the problem. On the plus side, Croatia is used to this problem (though major fires have not been an issue for the last two summers) and well equipped to deal with them. There are plenty of fire planes and helicopters who bomb fire outbreaks with water and normally get to them very quickly. If you look carefully at today's photo, between the two windsurfers, you'll see a fire plane coming in to land on the sea, near Split, and pick up another load of water.


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