Monday, July 14, 2008

Croatia Online - Falconry Centre

As far as birds of prey are concerned, it's a meeting of minds for Emilio Menđušić, founder and manager of the Sokolarski Centar in Dubrava, near Šibenik. He and his small but equally dedicated team are passionate about Croatia's falcons, owls and buzzards but are also well in tune with what's happening in the international falconery world.

It's the only centre of it's kind in Croatia and we're saving the full story for next year's edition of Time Out's Visitors' Guide To Croatia. However those with a passion for wildlife, an activity that's over 5,000 years old, or who just want to see how this team is making a difference to the survival chances of Croatia's birds of prey, follow the link above to the website or keep an eye out for the new site which is in the course of construction. Individual visitors are welcome, as well as groups, but call ahead the day before so they're ready for you and be prepared to be fascinated!

Thanks to Emilio, Victoria, Emil and the rest of the team for their time and hospitality, and for allowing us to share their insight into these most glorious and regal creatures. Good luck to them with all the various linked projects that continue to ensure there's never a dull moment for them and a much more hopeful future for Croatia's wild birds of prey. The trained birds in their care already know they're onto a good thing!


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