Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Croatia Online - Inaugural Links

There are just three links in the first week of Croatia Online:

1. Google News - it's hard to fault Google on their blogger service and great to have a professional "venue" that doesn't involve all the mysteries of web site publishing but does encourage the learning process. So Google News stays for now.

2. The Croatian Post Office - brings back distant memories of an England that once was. In Croatia, if you have a settlement of any size, you have a post office. Unusually, you may find that English may not be that common amongst the staff but you can draw out cash on your credit card, change money, make cheap phonecalls, pay your bills and, of course, get your mail posted. HQ was as helpful as any organisation I approached for help with my book. I hope the Croatian Post Office learns from what happened in the UK and hangs onto its extremely valuable network, particularly in the more remote areas.

3. The Croatian Tourist Board - I'm sorry to say that the Croatian Tourist Board were not as responsive on specific requests as the Post Office. However the site is good and there is enough literature, thoughout the regions, to drown even the most hard working researcher. The downside is that you normally have to go to your desired destination to find it. I'd guess that the proliferation of tourist offices matches that of post offices though the opening hours maybe a little more erratic. The site has a reasonably complete list of destinations and links to local sites, where they exist. It's a good place to start.


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