Friday, January 27, 2006

Croatia Online - The Week In Review

In this, the first week of Croatia Online, we’ve looked at living in Croatia, doing business in Croatia, made a brief comparison with Southern Ireland and touched on Croatian sporting stars and food and drink. All huge topics in themselves with plenty of scope for more detailed postings in the future.

Setting up the blogspot and introducing some of the main subjects has unleashed a wealth of ideas for future articles but also suggested the need for some sort of structure. The outline format will be as follows:

Monday – Destinations Day

A detailed look at specific destinations. Next week we’ll be summarising the range of what’s on offer.

Tuesday – Tourism Day

Tourism is one of Croatia’s biggest industries and we’ll be picking a subject each week to explore. Travel to and from Croatia will be the first subject.

Wednesday – Business Day

Croatia has plenty of other successful business stories, apart from tourism, and we’ll be examining different industry sectors on Wednesdays. The first article will be an identification of some of the key business sectors.

Thursday – Lifestyle Day

This gives the opportunity to look at various subjects concerned with living in Croatia – buying or renting property, shopping, cooking, entertainment, etc. Our first report will be a general look at property.

Friday – Week in Review Day

News, sport, comment and the best links of the week.


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