Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Croatia - Is it a Good Tourist Season This Year?

The main tourist season seems to have ended as dramatically as it started. One day the beaches are packed and the next day virtually empty. It will be interesting to see if there are enough seasonal bars and restaurants open to cater for the continuing high quantity of international flights. The stormy August weather and airport security problems can’t have helped the tourist industry statistics, and anecdotal evidence suggests that those in the front line may be disappointed with the success of this year’s season so far. However it’s difficult to judge whether that’s because expectations were much higher this year, the takings were really down, or Croatians in the tourist industry share a similar pessimistic disposition to farmers! The statistics will provide some harder evidence in due course but, with some tourism still operating under grey market conditions, statistical evidence can only be partially conclusive. We’re in the process of trying to gather a range of facts and figures, as well as more anecdotal feedback, and will report back when we can draw some meaningful conclusions. In the meantime we'd be delighted to hear feedback from readers.


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