Friday, November 21, 2008

Croatia Online - Croatia In Top Ten Emerging Food Destinations

Expedia, Australia, have ranked Croatia number six in its top ten of emerging food destinations.
Australians are dedicated travellers and it seems Croatia is on many of their lists as one of the new places to visit next year. Those that know Croatia well will be familiar with the varied range of cuisine - plain grilled fresh fish and meat in Dalmatia, the Italian influence in Istria reflected in the pastas and sauces, and the Hungarian influence in inland Croatia. Wherever you go, the chefs seem to be getting more adventurous and dishes are normally based on the best of home grown or freshly fished produce.
A few organisations have now added culinary tours or courses to their offer. Try Easy Croatian who combine cookery courses with learning the language in Lošinj, or one of Secret Dalmatia's gastronomy tours.


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