Saturday, September 27, 2008

Croatia Online - Slavonia Part 2 - Đakavo

Đakavo is currently Slavonia's Cathedral town and about to become an archbishopric. That allows Osijek to become a bishopric, and ensures its church (see below) finally gets the Cathedral status it is due and has unofficially claimed for many years.
Đakavo's statuesque red brick cathedral has an equally impressive Bishop's Palace next door. The other perk of the bishop's job is an extremely well stocked wine cellar replenished from wine produced from the Bishop's vineyard and available for sale. However the stars of today's photo are the Lipizzaner horses featured hanging onto our editor's every word. Đakavo is the home of Croatia's national stud for these magnicent animals and, just a short drive away from the stud, accomodating the stallions, is a huge field of mares and foals.
There's much more to Đakavo than this - a good modern hotel of the same name as well as a pretty and unusual parish church which has retained many of its mosque features in honour of its long tradition and origins as a muslim place of worship for the Turks. However there's so much to report on, in a short space of time, that we'll have to move on to other aspects of a region that's full of surprises. We hope to return to some of the detail (hotels, restaurants, etc) at a later date.


Blogger superbura9 said...

Actually the church you refer to was first Croatian Catholic before made into a mosque during the short Ottoman Turkish occupation of Slavonia. It was then reverted back to a Catholic church again after the Turks retreated back into Bosnia and Serbia.

Very interesting nonetheless.

10:07 pm  
Blogger Jane Cody said...

Something new I've learnt. I realised it was a Catholic Church now, but, in a true display of moral and religious tolerance and acceptance, had retained its Muslim characteristics. However I hadn't realised it started as a Catholic Church. Many thanks for the comment and correction.

11:13 pm  

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