Thursday, September 04, 2008

Croatia Online - Supetar,....USA?

Today's picture shows Supetar on Brač Island. It's a nice enough town, the biggest ferry port on the island, and attracts its fair share of tourists as well as transit visitors. Readers may however be surprised to know that a US company has chose to use Supetar as the model for a new mixed use development in Texas, in the United States!
Adriatica is the concept of Jeffory Blackard, the Chairman of Blackard Group Inc, who became interested in Croatia after investing in a hotel and other commercial properties in Supetar. He's trying to stay as true to the original as he can, including building a replica of the bell tower and a traditional Dubrovnik galleon. The early stages also have a familiar ring - we read that building started "after more than five years of planning and a contentious year-long zoning battle". Read more about the project on
If you want to know more about Supetar, it's covered on pages 155-156 of our Croatia Cruising Companion. It's not one of the most sheltered harbours for passing yachtsmen but a good base for a few days.


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