Thursday, November 20, 2008

Croatia Online - Residency & Business Permits Update

Regular readers may recall an earlier posting about the effect Croatia's new laws on "aliens" have been having on foreigners that chose to retire to Croatia and those trying to do business here.

There are so many good things to write about Croatia that we don't want to dwell unduly on this, but the situation has cast a gloomy and sometimes thunderous cloud over many a Croatia loving expat's head. The online magazine Croatia Business Report (CBR) has taken up the cause with a detailed article on the matter, and some insightful interviews with some of the authorities. It's possible that change may be in the air and CBR examines the effects, the possible changes, and also talks to those that are campaigning to bring about some improvements.

For the full report, go to

For our earlier posting on the subject, link to Croatia Online - Stunning Sunsets & False Dawns

Today's photograph is an attempt to illustrate our posting in abstract form. It shows a Jadrolinija passenger ferry leaving Split harbour whilst a fleet of small dinghies, aptly named Optimists, sail in, all watched by a much larger ship that does not seem quite sure which way to go.


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