Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Croatia Online – Blogging Technicalities

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You may have noticed a slightly different look to the photo in our last posting. We’d like to think that when we did our first Croatia Online posting back in January 2006 we were reasonably ahead of the blogging and IT game. However things continue to change very quickly and, after a recent course on something entirely different, we decided to take some time out from blogging itself and invest it in better technology. So we downloaded the new version (8) of Internet Explorer and discovered we could no longer paste into our blogger posts – calamity!

Technicalities aside, we ventured onto the blogger help forum with some trepidation, sure that it was a silly question we were asking amongst a peer group much more technically up to date than ourselves. It wasn’t, they were, and the problem has been resolved, or at least we have found a way of working round it. Not just that, the “work around” is a fantastic discovery that makes many aspects of blogging on blogger a whole lot easier.

The solution? Windows Live Writer, with a little help from our friends at Blogger Help. That means we’re back to serious blogging with a vengeance and readers can expect ever better presented posts to accompany what we hope is the continuing high quality of Croatia Online's content, and that of its sister site The Croatia Cruising Companion


Today’s photo is courtesy of Val Tours, Croatia, who offer a range of activities. Val Tours were a great help when we wrote a feature for Time Out Croatia on birdwatching, and we chose this photo for today’s posting as we felt a little like the pygmy cormorant on the right until blogger help came to the rescue!


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