Monday, May 12, 2014

Continuing Economic Recession Unlikely To Dampen Croatian Spirits!

Croatia Online - Rab

Bloomberg reported last week that Croatia is the only eastern member of the EU to report a continuing recession in the spring quarter of 2014. Only Cyprus and Croatia, amongst all EU countries, are predicted to have negative growth in 2014. You can read the full post on the following link Bloomberg - Croatia Still In Recession.

Whilst clearly it’s not the best of news and Croatians are still suffering from a gloomy economy, we don’t expect the locals to be too downhearted. Croatia depends heavily on tourism and there’s not much of it about in the first quarter of the year. And Croatia has suffered far worse in its past and still bounced back with  determination and success. Croatians are a resourceful bunch and though, on paper, not a rich nation, self sufficiency never died out in Croatia so their Kunas go a lot further than ours might.

From a tourists’ point of view Croatia’s (and the Euro’s!) misfortune is our gain. The sterling exchange rate is over 9 kunas to the pound though this tends to decrease a little as the high season approaches.

All in all it’s probably as good a time as any to visit this Adriatic hotspot and do your share to help the economy!


Today’s photo is of sunset over Rab town. Rab island, Kvarner, is a very popular destination and has some great sandy beaches. The silhouette of the town and its four elegant bell towers are often said, by sailors approaching at night, to resemble a grand four-masted ship. 


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