Thursday, August 02, 2007

Croatia Online - 20,000 Hits Celebration


Thanks to Mirko Beović for today's amazing photo. See below for more details.


In Croatia Online's short life, it's great to be able to celebrate 20,000 hits, well before its second anniversary. We marked our first birthday, and our first 10,000 hits, in January 2007 so, if that’s a reflection on the interest in Croatia then it’s nearly 50% up compared with the previous year!
It’s the height of the tourist season, we are up to our eyes in a number of other projects, and it’s been a little too hot to encourage deep reflection, but here are some highlights of what’s been happening since we made our first 10,000 hits at the beginning of this year:

A Dog's Life in Croatia
Rosie, our dog, had her first ever haircut to try and help her through the heatwave.

Roving Reporters Explore Klis Fortress, Near Split
Our friends help to maintain the diverse content of Croatia Online.

Krka Waterfalls - A Favourite Destination With Inland Secrets
It may be a little bit “overworked” in the height of the tourist season, but if you can brave the crowds, or better still visit in September, you won’t be disappointed.

Destination Highlights
A short cut to some of the postings on a few of our favourite destinations.

Reflections On Doing Business in Croatia
This posting also has direct links to some of our key business reports and includes one of our favourite photos.

Learning the Language With a Culinary Twist
Yes, Croatian is hard for us English speakers, but maybe an immersion course is the best way to tackle it and enjoy the best of Istria and Croatian cuisine at the same time.

Croatia Online - 1st Birthday and 10,000 Hits
And just for a bit of nostalgia, click on the direct link above to see how we celebrated our first 10,000 hits.


There’s been much more – Vis Island revisited, drinks on board HMS Cornwall prior to her much reported visit to Iraq, the Split Boat Show, a Mandolin concert, the delights of Dugi Rat, inland Croatia, Croatia for families, Time Out, travel news, etc, etc.

There’s a lot more to come and, now that one of our major projects has been nearly put to bed (news imminent), we should have plenty of time to unearth Croatia, online, in even greater depth.

It’s been hard to choose a photo for today’s news but a Croatian friend pointed us in the direction of a truly spectacular photo which relates to our immediately preceding posting. Only a true “local” could know where to stop along the mountain road to see this view and the statue safely (which we did last Friday). Only a passionate professional photographer could have captured this scene. Even better there’s an intensely rich history around the statue, the Pirates of Omiš, and the marauding Turks that were apparently foiled, single handedly, by the charms, wiles and patriotism of the lady honoured by the sculptor. The photo is the copyright of Mirko Beović and you can see more of his stunning images on


Blogger Jane Cody said...

Our 20,000th hit was from Croatia, at 12.57 today Croatian time so that's another milestone passed.

12:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about something to do with what to bring with you if you move permanently to Croatia. i.e what do you sell, what is cheap enough to buy again in Croatia.

3:13 pm  
Blogger Jane Cody said...

Thanks for the suggestion. See our posting on 19th August 2007 for our comments, and some previous postings that may help, pending a full report scheduled for September

8:55 am  

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