Monday, October 22, 2007

Croatia Online - Autumn Boatshows

Given our professional interest in the Croatian Marina Industry et al, we'd normally have been participating in a stand at the Biograd Boat Show running from 18th to 21st October 2007. Other comittments unfortunately prevented this and, given the weather, it was good to have a brief look round it rather than have to brave gale force winds for much of the duration of the show.

In many ways, it's a great time to have a boat show - the main charter season is over, forward planners can get a good deal on next year's charter holiday by shopping around and the charter companies and other boat buyers have money in their pockets. However, so far, the weather's not been kind to the organisors, exhibitors and visitors. Last year it rained for much of the time; this year the mighty Bora (north east) wind decided to make its prescence felt.

Oddly, Marina Kornati (Biograd), and Tribunj Marina choose to run their boat shows at much the same time. More interestingly their promotional posters were of a very similar theme, reminiscent of the trailers for the film, The Titanic; glamourous girl at the prow of the ship, hair floating in the wind........One of the marketing budgets ran to a glass of champagne.

The Bora had fully taken hold when we visited the Tribunj show - a number of tents having to be recovered from the water the day before and a few that, allegedly, couldn't be left open for visitors because of the wind!

Nonetheless, if you're in the area next year, they're worth a visit but probably not a trip in their own right just yet. The Biograd show is the larger of the two but still small compared to the Split Boat Show which takes place in April. What's interesting for us is the change, year on year, as Croatia stealthily continues to secure its rightful place in the International Boating world.

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Today's photo is from the 2006 Biograd Boat Show - Russell Coutts is absorbing all the advice from his tactician!


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